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Available Options/Services
Similar to having a Project Manager working on a single project per day for a few hours per day / week.
$ 950 //Monthly
  • Dedicated Virtual Marketing Team
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Onboarding Session
  • Up to 1x Active On-Demand Request
  • Dedicated Client Portal
  • Live Slack Chat
  • Average Turnaround Time
Available Options/Services
Similar to having 1 part-time employee on staff – working on 1x-2x On Demand Requests per day on your behalf.
$ 2500 //Monthly
  • Dedicated Virtual Marketing Team
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 1x Monthly Strategy Session
  • Up to 2x Active On-Demand Requests
  • Dedicated Client Portal
  • Live Slack Chat
  • Fast Turnaround Time
Available Options/Services
Similar to having 1 full-time employee on staff – working on 3x-4x On Demand Requests per day on your behalf.
$ 5000 //monthly
  • Dedicated Virtual Marketing Team
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 2x Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Up to 4x Active On-Demand Requests
  • Dedicated Client Portal
  • Live Slack Chat
  • Faster Turnaround Time


The MBC Group is your bridge to the future. Our elite on-demand virtual marketing team knows how to help businesses stand out in an ever-changing digital world with our innovative marketing strategies, creative services and design flair. As a trusted ally of some of America’s most prestigious brands, we can work together to build a strong foundation that will enable you and your brand’s continued success through meaningful connections between you and your customers!
The MBC Group is a leading digital marketing and creative agency that offers a unique, innovative approach to client success. With decades of experience in the industry and an experienced team of professionals, The MBC Group provides top-notch services to help businesses reach their goals. From website design to SEO marketing strategies, The MBC Group provides comprehensive digital marketing services that help businesses stand out and succeed in the competitive online world.
Expanding Your
Traditional In-House Team


Need Multiple Specialists to Achieve Same Results
The Constant Battle of Talent Acquisition
Time-Intensive Training and Onboarding
Hours of Reading Resumes and Running Interviews
Skill Sets Capped and Unable to Meet Demands
Your Growth Needs Rely on the Abilities of a Single Person
More Specialists for a Lower Cost
Trained Individuals with Experience Across Multiple Industries
Faster Turnaround on Projects
Pre-Interviewed Specialists to Match Your Project Scope
Flexible Network of Skilled Professionals to Keep Up with Trends
Why have one person when you can have a team?

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A New Marketing Approach

The MBC platform is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for high-quality digital marketing and creative services on a recurring, monthly basis. Our subscription-based model provides a flexible and affordable alternative to hiring full-time.


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Get A Full-Service On-Demand
Marketing Team For Your Business
For A Fraction Of The Cost
MBC: How to Use The MBC Group's On-Demand Virtual Marketing Team to Help Your Small Business Be Competitive
Get the lightning-fast results you need! Our on-demand professionals deliver projects with warp speed, providing top quality service in as little as a single day.
Get an inside look into the campaign project with exclusive 1-on-1 access to its manager. Have all your questions answered in real time and gain a better understanding of how it impacts you.
Our passionate team is devoted to ensuring you get the most out of the product – with unlimited revisions available, we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied!

At start of your project, your project manager will be assigned to your account with an introduction to the MBC Group. If you aren’t happy or feel like it’s a good fit, no worries! Just let us know and we’ll adjust your plan prior to your credit card is billed.

We are here to do good business and it’s always been our business model to do just that, do good business. If at any point you are unhappy with the output on your marketing projects, we will work hard to provide a makegood and at that point, we will look at refunding your money.
At any given time, you wish to pause or cancel your membership, your services will continue for the remainder of the agreed upon period. Your Account Executive will make sure you have everything you need prior to the timeframe ending.
Connect with a friendly resource in real time for an engaging 1-on-1 chat on Slack! Get the individualized help you need to reach your goals.