This year we teamed up with Modelo and (Sports Column as well as El Jimador Tequila) to create the ultimate brand experience: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead): The Afterlife.   

In the upper level, the land of the living, there was a tarot card reader, live acoustic guitarist, and a metal grinding artist. Downstairs, partygoers experienced; a DJ, an Ice sculpture, aerialists, a stilt-walker, a face painter, actors, and an LED wall. 

The idea was to link the Day of the Dead experience with the Modelo brand.  Attendees now have a night to remember and are more likely to associate this beer with that awesome party.  Next time they’re at a bar, they are more likely to ask for a Modelo.  These are the experiences that establish and solidify brand loyalty.

Modelo – Dia de los Muertos