Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns Services

Gain influence and brand growth through endorsements

Who doesn’t want a warm referral? Influencer Outreach Marketing Campaigns and Endorsements are some of the most common forms of word-of-mouth promotion. Drive results by having a well known figure and influencer in your industry speak on your behalf to influence their followers. Outsource your projects to MBC Group, one of the top influencer marketing agencies in Denver for outreaching.



Finding the best influencer for your campaign and budget can be a challenge. Often times, you will be recommended to an influencer that does not make sense, simply because the category is open for the talent. We focus on finding the right brand-fit and voice that will deliver your message – no matter the medium.


The negotiations should start with a partnership and discussing ways that the brands can benefit one another. We think beyond the dollar and discuss the entire ecosystem. We have 30+ years of negotiating as well as placing influencer marketing campaigns and programs that drive results.


It’s vital that the influencer believes in your product and that they believe in your brand. Part of our process is to discuss how to properly engage with your brand and ensure that the influencer can speak fluently about your products and services.


With the rise of digital marketing, influencer outreach marketing should involve everything integral to your brand’s ecosystem, from social media all the way to television (if the influencer is on that medium).

We devise a plan to make sure influencer fans see your brand on all available platforms (the ones most beneficial to your brand is as well as the influencer).