Brand Immersion (Experiential Marketing Services)

We build authentic brand moments that lead to brand loyalty. Lifelong customers are critical to brand success.

Today, people have real relationships with brands. Driving consumers to try new products often comes from experiencing the products and/or services. The MBC Group, one of the top Experiential Marketing agencies in Denver can create brand experiences that engage with your fans. When there is action, there is engagement. These authentic brand moments lead to brand loyalty.  Those loyal customers are essential to brand success. 


Producing a concert can be like climbing a 14er – once you start the process, you have to keep going. The MBC Group, one of the best Experiential marketing companies has produced dozens of successful concerts and we are here to guide you through the process and ensure that it is a successful event. 

Want to call up Ludacris and see if he’s available to perform at your event? Part of the process of producing a concert is finding the right talent to match your brand. We focus on building a list of potential talent to match your brand image, budget, and availability. Our process includes handling the talent from A-Z.  

We design custom pop-up experiences that engage your target consumer and bring your brand fully to life. Our production partners have over 30+ years of producing custom fabrications to match your budget. 

Having the right brand ambassador at your event is part of your brand extension. We find the top talent in each market, train them on the key selling points of your brand as well as how to engage with consumers. The results?  We create memorable experiences and personalities that drive customer loyalty. 

Most brands forget to to continue promoting their brand after the event. We offer digital marketing and social media solutions in our planning to extend product promotion. Examples include  Device ID capturing and Social Media tagging to further drive brand engagement. 

Want to know how successful your event was, after the fact? Our process includes serving post-event ads to the attendees as well as monitoring to tell whether they made a purchase on your website or in person. 

Combine the synergies of your marketing efforts with experiential.  We ensure that your brand will be top-of-mind and your event will have successful outcomes.


Events solidify relationships with brands. 67% of millennials said the reason they followed a brand on social media is because of an event. 81% of millennials shared a photo of an event on a social media platform


Targeted Audience + Positive Experience = Authentic Brand Moment

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