Content Marketng

The MBC Group, a team of content writers and marketing experts, is equipped to help your brand tell its story. Our talented group will create quality writing that resonates with the desired audience quickly and effectively.

At the MBC Group, we understand that every client is unique. To tell your story the best way possible, our content marketing team combines a mix of writers and digital marketers to strategize based on key performance indicators (KPI’s). Every blog post or social media update you see online were crafted with one goal in mind: engagement!

Our motto when it comes to creating content is that there are few ways to get your story told. We find what works for you needs and put together a strategy based off achieving our KPI’s – which involves collaborating between Copywriters + Digital Marketers while utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as reference points….Every article or social media updates seen online work towards engaging audiences through various forms of written word.


Blog Writing

A blogger might get caught up in making sure their content is relevant to Google, while another may be more concerned with what the audience wants. If you look at it from a middle perspective then both sides win: high search rankings and an engaged readership. At the MBC Group we try to balance out SEO best practices as well as great storytelling because our team knows that if your blog gets too focused on one or the other-it won't meet its full potential!

Social Media content writing

Social media content is best when it's simple and human. We don't want our social media posts to be too complex - we always try to keep them "human." Sometimes, the more you overthink your social media postings, the less engaging they become with audiences. Let us write for you so that your audience can connect!

Website Copy Writing

As an outsourced marketing partner, we want to create digital ecosystems that help your brand blossom. This includes writing compelling website copy. Websites are constantly evolving and changing as the world becomes more digitally focused so it's important for our team of experts to stay on top of their game! Our goal is not just creating but also maintaining valuable content through a constant feed of information for search engine rankings that convert visitors into customers or leads if you're selling online products or services.

Microblogs/Infographics and More!

We aren't limited to just blogging and social media copy - we can also do infographics, lead magnets or even quick ideas for your marketing needs. If you need any of that stuff, our team can get it done quickly!