Cannabis Marketing

The MBC Group will help any Canna-Business reach the right audience. 1 - 1 to cannabis users. Let the MBC work for you with content creation, campaign management, implementing safety measures, campaign execution, and analytical analysis throughout the campaign.

Target using the Cannabis Network: product designed to boost ANY cannabis business seeking to engage with digital

Target websites pre-approved for cannabis-related ads. Data is layered on to ensure 21+ users (U.S.) and 19+ (Canada)

  • The right audience
  • Quality websites
  • AI-driven algorithm
  • Campaign Managers
  • Brand Safety Measures
  • Guaranteed age gate verification
  • Only serving ads on pre-approved cannabis related sites 

The MBc Group - Cannabis marketing tools

Campaign Reporting -

What to Expect: 

  • Reporting Metrics


  • Impression Goal


  • KPI’s of your choosing


  • Real time information at your fingertips

- Device ID -

Device ID: 

– Advanced spatiotemporal mapping –

-Target devices from 5 days to 1 year ago

-Mobile users; high quality real human user data to deliver brand messaging 

-Address matching software; take mobile devices and target home address

- Attribution

Follow devices you’ve set to target and follow them back into your brick and mortar, match back to your initial targeting metrics and feel good that you’ve physically brought them into the store, and have the chance to earn their business.

Curate a list of customers, lists of addresses, from Device ID to actual addresses.  Target from mobile to every device in their home, re-targeting on a much bigger scale. 

From mobile device, to location the device considers “home”, and target all devices within the home.