What Is UX Design, and Why Does It Matter?

Though UX design is absolutely crucial to develop a well-rounded product, many people are thrown off by the term and simply find it to be a useless buzzword that colleagues pass over during workplace meetings.

However, UX, or User Experience, has to do with every aspect of a customer’s interaction with a product. From the website to the community around it, user experience is of the utmost importance when it comes to product design.

Let’s explore UX in more detail, covering exactly what it is and why it matters for businesses who are developing a product.

What Is User Experience (UX)?

We know that UX is an abbreviation for User Experience, but what does that really mean?

To make it simple, User Experience refers to any engagement that a user has with a product or service. For instance, the way the product appears, how its elements influence the user, how it makes them feel, and how they engage with it are all factors to consider.

UX Design, on the other hand, is a method used by UX Designers to make a user’s experience with a product as simple, fluid, and pleasant as possible. The primary aim for UX Designers is to provide users with interactive, efficient experiences that they do not have to struggle through.

UX Design aims to gain a full understanding of people, their needs, values, talents, and constraints. It also takes into account the company’s business goals and objectives. Then, designers work to combine the two into user-friendly experiences.

Why Does It Matter?

Presenting users with pleasant experiences is a big part of operating a successful business. Nobody wants to struggle as they learn about new products, and businesses that can make product navigation as easy as possible tend to be viewed more favorably by their customers.

Companies that either downplay or fail to realize the importance of UX design are doing themselves a disservice, being that competing businesses are most definitely paying attention. In order to have an edge over a highly competitive industry, it’s important to focus on the key factor in any business, the customers.

If an ordinary consumer is given two different companies to choose from, each offering the same product for the same price, which company are they likely to choose? A company with an interactive, user-friendly website and community experience or a company that seemingly does not care about making the process simple for them?

Because nobody enjoys needless complications when they’re exploring new products, it’s absolutely crucial for any company who wants an edge over their competition to pay close attention to UX and UX Design.

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