10 Tips for Creating Great Video Content

Creating video content can feel daunting at first because when your goal is to make something people want to watch, you may overthink the process.

Though it seems like a long, complicated road ahead, creating great video content is relatively simple if you put genuine effort into the projects you create.

Follow these tips to ensure quality content each time you record videos.

#1- Have a clear plan in mind when you approach a topic. Know what your position is and focus on what you hope to accomplish as you plan.

#2- Be aware of the struggles that your audience faces and create videos centered around answering or providing solutions for specific questions they pose.

#3- Create a video script before you start recording so that you can keep track of the main points you plan to cover in your video.

#4- Keep a human element to your videos by improvising to a degree. A script is there as a guideline, but it’s up to you to make the content entertaining and personable.

#5- Include genuine testimonial segments from your customers. People tend to value information that comes from people that they identify with.

#6- Try to talk to your customer base as a helpful acquaintance rather than a business. People pick up on sincerity (and lack thereof) so it’s beneficial to avoid sounding too “sales.”

#7- Keep your focus on your audience. Instead of talking about your company and the services it offers, talk about the challenges your audience faces and offer them a solution rather than a sale.

#8- Maintain high video quality. Do your best to ensure that you’re recording a clear, crisp video and clean, undistorted audio.

#9- Avoid spending too much time trying to make every video perfect. Over-editing will occupy more time than you have available and with such high expectations, you may struggle to be satisfied with the final product.

#10- Have A Consistent Schedule

Create video content on a consistent basis. You don’t have to have an exact schedule, but try to release content in a way that creates a pattern. This way, your customer base will know when to expect the release of new content and seek it out.

Video creation gets easier with time. Make an effort to be as familiar with your audience as possible and do your best to create content that speaks to them. Over time, you’ll learn through trial and error which techniques work best for your unique business approach.

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