Google Pay Per Click Ads: What Are They, and Why Should You Use Them?

Pay-per-click ads, as the name suggests, are advertisements hosted online that require a company to pay the publisher a fee every time a potential customer clicks on the ad. These ads are used commonly with search engines and social media platforms.

What Are the Different Options of PPCs?

Pay-per-click ads come with a couple of different options a company can use for the best effect. When using Google’s PPCs, there are two main types, Google AdWords and Google Display Network.

Let’s take a look at these options and cover a couple of the benefits of each.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords reaches target audiences based on keywords they have typed into search engines. The benefits of this type include:

  • The ability to set a budget per day so that expenses remain controlled
  • The ability to follow the success of campaigns with thorough analytics
  • The ability to create customized ads and use longtail keywords to draw in more of an audience.
  • The ability to launch ads to desktop users as well as mobile and tablet users.
  • The ability to make changes at practically any time, even during an active campaign.

Google Display Network

This option places ads into relevant websites, rather than just search engine results. This means that businesses can create a variety of different ad formats and place them in areas where their audience will see them at the right time.

The benefits of this type include the ability to:

  • Target ads more precisely to reach the desired audience
  • Set a budget with automatic bidding
  • Monitor ad success through analytics and tracking metrics
  • Use pre-made ad templates or completely create your own

Which Is the Best Choice?

Both PPC types are an excellent way to attract an audience to a company’s products and services, but your specific business practices can impact which of these two types is the best choice for your company.

If your company prefers to advertise through search engines, then Google AdWords is the better choice being that it places text ads into search engine results pages.

If your company wants to advertise services in the margins of relevant websites, then the Google Display Network option is a great choice. This type can spread awareness for your business on the pages of many popular websites.

It’s a matter of preference, really. Both ad programs serve a valuable purpose, but certain companies may find more of a benefit with one choice over the other.

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