YouTube: Why You Should Be Using It to Market Your Business?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook video marketing when planning their strategies. However, video ads have become increasingly popular within the last few years, and the most helpful tool for this change has been YouTube. YouTube is the most often-used video hosting website globally, and on top of that, it’s the second most popular search engine behind Google.

These two points alone can make YouTube an invaluable part of any company’s marketing strategy, but the positives don’t stop there.

Benefits of Video Marketing via YouTube

Increased Opportunity for Engagement

  • YouTube has over a billion users, with 5 billion videos being watched every day. The sheer number of potential viewers means almost any business can stand to benefit from posting video content.

Increased SEO

  • Different Ad types appeal to different viewers. Making a video version only increases the chance that you will engage a new type of viewer who happens to prefer video over static images or written content. The longer you can keep your viewer engaged, the higher your ranking on searches.

Low-Risk Marketing

  • Posting videos through YouTube is free, so marketing teams have nothing to lose financially when using the platform.
  • The potential source of Revenue
    • A business can enable ads on a YouTube post. If the video is successful, other businesses may wish to start advertising on the post. This can amount to a sizable revenue stream for some.

How To Host Content via YouTube

There are several ways for businesses to create marketing videos. There is no right way to do so, and depending on a specific business type, video styles may differ.

One popular method of using video marketing is to add video tutorials, testimonials, frequently asked questions, and other informational pieces to supplement product listings or blog posts.

This way, businesses can double the uses of a single piece of content. By adding a video to a blog post or product listing, companies increase the likelihood of engagement.

To further increase visibility, companies can also provide links to their videos on social media posts. In doing so, they can increase ad revenue when viewers click the links to their videos and increase blog views from individuals who choose to read supplementary information.

Because posting a video on YouTube is free, marketing teams may find it beneficial to experiment with several video styles and types. Once the business has discovered a style that works, it can continue to grow without adding any additional costs to its marketing budget.

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