Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Which Is Right For Your Business?

The digital advertising route looks different for each business that designs a marketing plan. A common concern that most business owners have involves choosing the right ad platform to market their business. Two of the most common ad services are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

While it’s challenging to choose just one, here are some key pieces of information that will help business owners decide which route is a better investment.

Facebook Paid Social Ads

One feature that makes Facebook Ads an appealing choice is the ability to market to both consumers and other businesses. This platform is highly useful when it comes to reaching the attention of other companies in your niche.

Because B2B marketing is a key component of marketing success, Facebook Ads has a lot of potentials. In addition to the business-to-business capabilities, Facebook is also useful when it comes to:

Medium flexibility: Facebook Ads are also flexible when it comes to the different engagement mediums available. Companies can connect with audiences through posts, comments, and Messenger.
Ease-of-use: Facebook Ads makes it fairly easy to monitor a campaign’s analytics. At the same time, customer service professionals can easily walk clients through the buying process.
Ad Variety: Facebook offers a variety of different ad types which is essential in engaging different audiences.

Possible Setbacks

Facebook Ads aren’t without their flaws. When selecting this service for your business, keep in mind that:

● Practically anybody can advertise on Facebook, so the trust established by consumers through Facebook Ads is unstable.
● There is no way to verify the legitimacy of these ads, and as a result, click-through rates are not as high as other ad platforms.

Google Ads

Google’s sheer number of users makes Google Ads comparable to Facebook Ads. With more than 40,000 searches taking place every second, a single ad can reach a massive number of users.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Google Ads is its simplicity. Google Ads tends to be more egalitarian in that all ads have the potential to reach a large audience, regardless of their marketing budget. Unlike other marketing platforms, ad visibility is based solely on keyword searches. Simply put, the more relevant an ad is to a user’s search, the more visible it becomes.

Possible Setbacks

Google Ads is not necessarily simple to use or cost-effective.
● User experience greatly varies and depends on the keywords businesses use.
● Although all ads have equal potential for ranking, you must bid on keywords to be truly successful. Bidding on popular keywords can get very expensive very quickly. Google Ads users will often need to get creative with their keyword usage.

It’s important for businesses to thoroughly research both ad options before deciding which one works best for their company’s growth. In addition to our other digital marketing products, The MBC Marketing Group can work with you to determine what ad platform is best suited to your needs. Give us a call today to start growing your business!

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