How to Generate Quality Content-FAST!

Producing quality content will always take time and effort. However, producing quality content on a quick, consistent schedule is something many creators strive to accomplish. Content that’s worth reading takes time to create, however, there are shortcuts you can take to make the process easier on yourself.

Collect Topics and Schedule Content

Part of what takes so long to create quality content is coming up with what topics you’re going to cover. To save yourself time, in the long run, come up with a list of topics you’d like to discuss in the near future, then create a content calendar. Plot out the topics you’re going to cover in an organized flow across a week-long, month-long, or quarter-long period.

Frame Your Content

Introductory paragraphs tend to delay content creation. When you’re sitting in front of a blank screen, it can seem like it takes hours to get started.

Instead of writing your content in a linear fashion, create a quick outline, then cover the main body of your content. Write your key paragraphs and conclusion before going back to your introduction. Once you have supporting information written down, introducing your topic should come to a lot easier.

Re-read, edit, and fact-check after you’ve already come up with a draft.

Use One Piece To Create Another

One piece of content on a topic does not have to be where it ends. If, for example, you’ve created a blog post about a given topic, you can use that information to create other pieces of content. Create a video or two to supplement the blog post.

Create an infographic so that readers have something quick to digest. Use subtopics covered in your original blog post to come up with additional blog posts. Post on social media about your topic and link to the original source you’ve created.

One single piece of content can pave the way to several more.

Time Your Breaks

Taking a break between writing a draft and editing is advisable. However, it’s a good idea to limit our distractions during these breaks and keep yourself on a schedule. Set clear rules for yourself and stick to them.

By giving yourself a 20-30 minute break between writing and editing, you can step away from work to refresh without squandering your time.

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