What Should I Do First, Logo, Or Brand Identity?

When a new company or organization requests a logo, a good designer will say: “We don’t just need a logo, we need a brand identity. Sometimes a simple logo design is enough, but sometimes a company needs a complete brand for themselves. So what’s the difference? A brand is the values of your company, it’s what your company stands for.

It’s your tagline and motto of your company. If you’re having problems developing a brand, contact our experts at the MBC Group LLC.

What is a logo?

The logo must be the essence of your brand identity but think of it as a name rather than a pretty guy. An effective logo should have a design that conveys the personality of the brand, and the logo design you choose should be a good detour – striking for your overall brand identity.

A logo should give a powerful impression. Often people look at the logo more than the words of your company. Having a good logo design is essential for making your business stand out.

The benefits of a good logo

A good logo can create a brand identity, give an established company a professional look, build loyalty to your business customers, and establish the identity of your brand. Think of some major businesses, the first thing that will most likely pop into your head will be their logo.

Images can be more impressionable than words, so logos can be more successful for digital marketing strategies than mission statements.

How to develop your own brand

 It is a good idea to check your brand identity and brand personality before you start. Once you have decided on your brand personality, the next step is to create your brand identity design.

 If you consistently use the same brand personality and voice, your website, logo, and brand identity will be easily recognizable to your fans and customers. 

A brand identity consists of tangible elements that make up the appearance of your brand. If you know who you are as a brand and want to create your own identity, you need to know what it is all about.

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