How to Adopt Media Planning Services in a Marketing Strategy?

If you have ever seen ads pop up on your social media feeds, billboards, and on TV for an upcoming movie, that is the power of integrated media planning.

Integrated media planning involves analyzing various media outlets for your marketing strategy. You will use several forms of media with an integrated media plan from traditional to digital platforms.

Below are some steps to make your own integrated media plans:

1. Understand your Goals

Plan about your marketing objectives and goals to keep track of your progress before beginning to plan your integrated media strategy. Use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Based) approach to create your detailed and quantifiable goals.

You can measure the goal of “Make more money” but “Increase gross profit margin by 10 percent by Q3” is a much more specific goal — and creates a timeframe that keeps you updated.

2. Determine your target Market

The more information you have of your target market, the more efficient your overall marketing strategy. The details you need will help you build your integrated media strategy. Figure out your markets such as when and where they spend their time in media and communications. 

Marketing via Instagram and Snapchat is more effective in reaching teenagers than printing and traditional media advertising.

Another important factor of integrated media planning is a media buying service, which means buying advertising space. By collecting rates and options and negotiating with the media companies, we can search for the best fit for your marketing goals, target market, and budget.

3. Select the right media platforms to distribute your campaign

Consider which channels to distribute your marketing campaign: social media, television, radio, organic search, and blogging.

For example, your audience may enjoy reading simple, informative blog posts rather than buzzworthy short-form videos. 

They may like to watch Livestream videos from a company on their Instagram account rather than on their Facebook page. Find a balance between traditional methods and digital methods, regardless.

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