What (Really) Goes into a Website Design Project That Will Pay Off

In the web design industry, there are many terms that people used to describe their processes. Most are understandable and others need more explanation. Here are the common milestones that go into a web design project.

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Brief and Planning

Identify the project scope, the key areas of focus, specifications, the purpose of the site, and the projected deadlines. When deciding on the budget, remember to consider all other things like researching, discussing your requirements, and going to meetings.

Content Creation and SEO

Copywriting is intended to improve engagement and for proper local search engine optimization (SEO). The content needs to be concise and clear, enabling readers to read quickly and click on other pages.

Keep in mind that content is not just about copywriting. Depending on your specifications, the content may involve interactive words, audio, video, and graphics.

Visual Design

The visual design stage involves three main elements: wireframes, high-fidelity mock-ups, and prototypes.

  • Wireframes – sketches of the future website before any development or design elements (such as fonts and branding).
  • High-fidelity mock-ups – mock-ups that show how things will look with colors, fonts, logos, and images.
  • Prototype – highly detailed, dynamic version of the website before development. It’s the last chance to check out the website and make any tweaks before build-out.

Website Build-out and Development

Going off the visual designs, we build the site such as:

  • Coding the initial home page and a “shell” for other pages to contain content.
  • Inputting interactive forms
  • Adding payment getaways
  • Verifying your preferred CMS (content management system)
  • Including more custom coding

Expect this to take up a significant amount of time depending on the level of complexity involved with the site.

Beta Testing

Once the site is complete, it needs to go through a beta testing stage that involves many tools and sites to see how it would look and function on different mobile, tablet, and desktop resolutions before it goes live. The beta phase is important to iron out any site errors and get audience feedback.

Site Launch

After the site has passed the beta test, the site must be fully connected to all domains and then launch. A larger site with more web pages could take a little longer than a smaller site.

Make room for any issues upon the site’s launch and for any more changes. The site can be further refined using tools for user testing and analytics.

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