How Businesses Can Pivot With These Digital Marketing Strategies

Just like that, our world has changed. As many of us switched to working remotely, more people have been searching and reading up online. Customers are actively looking up brands online and starting more online market experiences today with brands more than they were a year earlier.

With other non-essential activities on pause, more businesses are switching to digital marketing tactics as they drive demand for their brands, specifically social media tactics, email marketing, and SEO.

Email Marketing

Improve your funnel conversion when creating email marketing lists for COVID-19 researchers. As buyers are more likely to purchase, you can then remain top-of-mind for them.

Brands should focus on engagement and then switch their messaging as we get through the crisis. Create unique content on project strategy material (including live sharing if appropriate) and change messaging and strategies to enhance brand recognition and awareness.


SEO is in a rare position when COVID-19 pushes customers to adjust their online shopping patterns. Write some keyword-rich articles, descriptions, and meta descriptions on your website to boost your search engine rankings.

You choose to stay prominent in the search results by continuing to invest in the SEO efforts. This investment will return tenfold when we no longer update SEO to the crisis.

Social Commerce

With more people on social media. Social commerce – the crossroads of eCommerce and social media – has become a major asset for brands. Brands can now sell through their social platforms’ shoppable stories and posts, social commerce plugins and apps, and social media ads with CTAs to their ecommerce sites. Make sure this fits into your overall strategy.

Smart Bidding in Google Ads

Another strategy is to use smart bidding. Smart bidding is machine-learning by Google Ads to optimize bids for conversion. PPC account managers will delight in selecting conversion activities and setting times for promotions. The new digital marketing world will involve automation and smart bidding.

All of us would need to figure out how to reopen the economy depending how far along we are in this crisis that may last through the winter and the potential of a vaccine soon. In the meantime, businesses should focus on pivoting to digital interactions to continue to strengthen their business lines and brands.

The MBC Group can help transition your business through our digital marketing services, SEO, website design, and social media strategies into a distinctive digital brand, so you can successfully support your consumers. During this unprecedented economic downturn, we can boost your business.

Be safe and healthy during this time.

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