You Down with OTT? You Should Be (Especially for the Holidays)

OTT or “over the top” refers to streaming platforms in which many people watch their favorite TV shows. Watching movies and shows without a traditional cable subscription, that also come with ads. What an amazing tool to take advantage of if you’re looking to expand, because it has the ability to target.

What we like about these services? The tool offers high-quality premium programming, and their audiences. All delivered to you wrapped in a nice little bow. The costs are around 1/3 the average price of TV in general. Audiences are tuning in to their favorite content on desktop, mobile, and connected TV devices now more than ever. Forbes says the average American subscribes to 3.4  of these platforms. 

With changing media consumption habits and growing mobile viewership, newer services are joining the game.  Disney +  has garnered 10 million subscriptions since its November 12, 2019, launch.  The company hasn’t specified how many of those subscribers are part of the Verizon network. (The phone company offers one free year subscription to Disney + for those who have their Unlimited plan). 

Families and friends will spend more time that usual together watching streaming services over the holidays. This season, emphasize brand awareness and increase sales.

Using OTT to Reach the Right Customers

Businesses can utilize a wealth of specialized consumer information. Get directly in front of your preferred audience by using behavioral data, demographic information, location targeting, and past ad exposures to target viewers likely to become customers. 

If you are a local business relying on foot traffic, like a bakery or retail store offering holiday specials, you would want to concentrate on consumer devices within your area.  

User experience with these platforms is greatly improved because you then are targeting and delivering messages your audience cares about. When the commercials that users are seeing are brands that they relate too you benefit. Your dollars are directly reaching the right consumers.  

Focusing on your audience, you can ensure that your ad gets in front of the right customer = those who will take action.  

40% of OTT users have watched the ad completely. They will research the company online to learn more. About 66% of OTT users can recall a new brand from an ad.

Personalization and Better Metrics

Technological delivery options allow you to find greater opportunities compared to traditional broadcast TV. The most pertinent ads are actively served to audiences with relevant interests. 

In the past, companies have utilized television advertising the only way it was offered, bidding on hot programs with each network.  You’re relying on data reported by the stations, and viewers are stuck watching commercials that may not resonate with their lifestyle because of the dissonance.  

During the holiday sales period, increase your revenues by marketing OTT as a reliable option. With more people watching online, this is an opportune time to advertise to the individual.

Don’t Let Business Get Away from You this Holiday Season.

 OTT campaigns will be a strong option to your Holiday spend. This tool has changed the industry for the positive because it repackages entertainment and gives you the keys.

With a more precise, personalized message at the local level, OTT helps you to reach consumers who are more likely to engage with your brand. Regional digital ads offer the tremendous ability to raise awareness. If you have questions about advertising, and would like to explore the fun world of OTT, The MBC Group has answers. Learn more about how OTT advertising can help you drive growth and holiday sales. 

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