Successful Through the Holidays? Never Heard of it!

The radio is playing holiday jingles, the first snow has fallen, and stores explode with decorations and festive smells of cinnamon and pine. Everyone is in a merry mood and wants to get to the fun part of the holiday: family, presents, and delicious food.

But before anyone can put their slippers on and sip hot cocoa, there is a seemingly endless list (not Santa’s) of chores to do and loose ends to tie up so we can close the book on 2019 and feel successful.

In addition to the usual work tasks at hand, most people are also trying to cram gift shopping and holiday parties into the already-busy work day. Pocket books and emotional health can take a big hit during the holidays which, in turn, can impact the overall success of your work.

Fortunately, there is hope. As an early gift for you, we have collected a few simple ways to help you stay focused this festive season, keeping your business on track and leaving room for a truly relaxing holiday.

Take care of your mind and body

This might seem like another thing your simply do not have time for during the Holidays. But hear us out: ten minutes of decompression and self-care in the morning or evening (or whenever you can squeeze it in) will make a world of difference in your stress levels and productivity. 

It is all too easy to wake up in a rush, gulp a cup of coffee, and hurry out to the day’s grind; and this time of year, it is also extremely easy to eat JUNK. Cookies, candies, pies, butter in EVERYTHING-it’s all usually within arm’s reach.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, try your hardest to stay on track with mindful eating habits and fitness. Caring for your body and mind can help you feel more energized and ready to face the workday. Set your alarm twenty minutes earlier than usual, and try one or more of the following:

– A quick yoga session with breathing and simple stretches
– Sit down to drink your coffee
– Prepare a healthy lunch
– Take an extra-long shower
– Eat a real breakfast

Really, the choices are endless. Just remember to make it attainable (that means quick and easy). Your mind and body will thank you.

Break Down Goals into Tasks

Before the holiday season starts, set aside one hour of free time to write the major goals to accomplish before the end of the year. Take those goals and break them down into practical daily and weekly tasks. 

You want to be successful so choose projects that you can multitask easily rather than taking on several projects at once. Spreading yourself too thin can result in early burnout and costly mistakes. Tailoring your goals into tasks will put your mind at ease and is key to maintaining productivity.

Give the Benefit of the Doubt

While you are working so hard to get everything done, it can be easy to become frustrated with others who seem to be taking things a little more slowly or who do not have the same sense of urgency. 

But there is simply no room in your brain for resentment. Remember that everyone is dealing with holiday stress in their own way; cutting colleagues, family, and friends some slack will free up your mind for more fruitful ventures and reduce your stress load.

Be Grateful for This Year’s Successes

(and Make New Goals for Next Year)

Thank your coworkers, vendors and clients for their support. A simple word of thanks can brighten someone’s day and strengthen business relationships. Thank yourself, too! Instead of fretting about all the work you need to do for the coming year, reflect on the past year’s accomplishments, (scroll down our home page to see some of ours!). You cannot control the future, but you can embrace and learn from the past.

As the Holiday season draws to the close, use your successes to make new goals for yourself. Setting priorities before you close down for the year will help you be focused, excited, and successful when you return to the office.

The Holiday season will be stressful for most of us, but we can earn a little down-time too and keep ourselves sane, as well as successful, by taking care of our minds and bodies, cutting others some slack, and prioritizing our future goals. 

Keep tasks attainable, maintain good working relationships, and give yourself all the credit you deserve for this year’s successes. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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