Don’t Let These 5 Marketing Mistakes Haunt You!

 Scary movie season is finally upon us. When watching horror films, it can seem like the main characters are making dumb decisions that ultimately lead to their demise. “Don’t go out that way – the killer is there!” or “Run – he’s right behind you!” may seem like familiar phrases that you’ve shouted at the TV, in a vain attempt to save the actors’ lives. 

Marketers often watch businesses make seemingly similarly silly decisions with respect to branding and overall strategy.  “Don’t post that – It’s not consistent with your messaging!” or “Why did you place that banner ad there?!”, we want to shout. This Halloween, take a step back and don’t make the following mistakes that can seal your doom and spoil your business forever.

1.  You’re not creating a marketing strategy.

Sometimes, the owners are running their own marketing strategies without having marketing knowledge or the time to see the plan into fruition. Many new business owners know that their businesses need a website, sales materials, and a print ad or two. 

They completely ignore social media and digital altogether, relying on much more dated options such as print and radio to drive campaigns.  A comprehensive marketing strategy details your plan to breath life into your brand and business across many mediums, like an ecosystem.

2.  You don’t have real buyer personas.

 Businesses all too often base their personas on their own aspirations, rather than getting an authentic feel for the wants and needs of their customers. 

Being intune with the consumer experience will elevate your brand, and will help you make improvements to your products that will result in an increase of customer satisfaction throughout the buyer journey.

3. You don’t analyze your data enough.

Digital marketing and website traffic reports can be overwhelming and confusing for the business owner. Many times, they are viewed once and then pushed to the side and ignored, but spending a small amount of time each day on them can pay off in dividends. 

These reports give precious insights into who your customers are, your best-selling products, the pricing that your customers are buying, and so on. Another related mistake is also trying to measure results from a one-time ad or keyword campaign. A single offer won’t show the data to tell what does and does not resonate with your customers.

4. You don’t test your marketing campaigns.

Starting a marketing campaign can be done very quickly. Understanding which ads will drive consumer reaction is different. If you try to rush the deployment of your campaign without A/B testing the ads first, you may not see an initial ROI. 

You can develop a cycle of consistent improvements based on feedback and data from the A/B tests.  This will also send the message that you care about your buyers and want to put something out there that they will respond and relate to.

5. You don’t take risks.

Many companies follow the same basic marketing plan for years. They have tired, unchanged customer-oriented taglines, such as “We’re the best in the area” or “We love our customers”. There is comfort in familiarity, but this is a mistake. Why? Market conditions and your consumers’ tastes change regularly. 

If you don’t adapt, your brand begins to look dusty and dated.  Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks with your marketing and brand value. Look at your company’s mission and vision to get an idea of what sets you apart. Even if a promotion fails, it will give you insight that you can utilize to help you grow your business.

Revive Your Marketing Strategy

There’s no foolproof way to market your business. Trends and technologies are constantly improving and expanding. If you need help keeping up with the latest in digital, The MBC Group can help your organization get on par with the pulse of the times. Bring your business back from the dead by electrifying your marketing strategy!