Dab Into Politics: How Can Political Campaigns and Cannabis Businesses Work Together

Presidential candidates are gearing up for a contentious 2020 presidential election. The legalization of cannabis is a popular subject throughout the United States. Cannabis businesses are popping up in the 11 states (and District of Columbia) where cannabis is legal. 

This was unimaginable in 2009; somehow 2019 became the year of simultaneously rising political campaigns and the rise in cannabis businesses. Read on to find out why.

Why are Cannabis Businesses and Politician Campaigns Important?

Cannabis can keep us from getting out of control

After years of outrageous news headlines and political scandals, cannabis legalization is a uniting force that keeps us blind to our troubles and whims. After all, we survived wars, famines, and the scourge of reality TV. Now is a time for having true conversations about pertinent issues and to delve into deeper topics than surface level bumper sticker slogans. 

Why not talk about issues and toke up to take the edge off? Future generations will wonder what kept the Nation from legalizing cannabis for so long.

Political campaigns can get lit with Millennials and Generation Z 

It’s not hard to believe that both Millennials and Generation Z would be in support of cannabis legalization. Next to avocado toast, not knowing how to cook, and Instagram-worthy “museums”, support of legalization is on the rise. 

According to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, about 44% of millennials and Generation Z are in favor of the green stuff being decriminalized.  

If cannabis legalization is achieved on the federal level, popular stoner movies like Pineapple Express and Dude Where’s My Car would no longer be viewed as comedies but as depictions of daily life.

It’s a win-win situation for political campaigns and cannabis businesses alike

Marijuana producers are starting to fund many political campaigns in other states like Illinois and Montana. Aspiring presidents have made legalization of cannabis part of their political campaigns as well as a past-time when they were in college or “traveling abroad”. 

Remember when Bill Clinton said he hit the blunt but didn’t inhale? They know their audience. Legalization could be well on its way to officially making it through the SAFE Banking Act in Congress. 

Now that cannabis is gaining traction, canna businesses can thrive, and politicians can win the hearts (and lungs) of their constituents. No minor (under 21) lungs allowed!

What’s Next

Consumer behavior has become harder to predict. Cannabis businesses have had enough financial success to fund political campaigns and Michigan legalized recreational marijuana in 2018 before New York and New Jersey. 

One lesson to learn from this is that it’s important to stay ahead as well as top of mind in today’s fast-paced world. 

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