Why Outsourcing Your CMO is A Savvy Business Decision

Every company needs effective marketing. That means robust content strategies, multichannel outreach, and engaging campaigns. At the helm of any marketing campaign is the CMO, the Chief Marketing Officer.

The CMO utilizes design, data analysis, trend reports, and emerging technology to create effective marketing strategies. This leader must know what competitors are up to at all times – and must be ready to strategize against them.

Having a CMO to spearhead your in-house marketing team can help foster a strong brand, which in turn makes your company more visible to consumers. While most companies hire CMOs to lead the marketing department as a whole, others have chosen to cut costs by turning to outside agencies to take the reins in lieu of their marketing department.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing this position to an experienced digital marketing agency.

1. It’s cost-effective for your company

The prestige of having an in-house CMO and marketing department cannot be understated. Unfortunately, for small startups and medium-sized companies, this may not be fiscally feasible. Hiring an executive can be a long, time-consuming, and ultimately costly process. 

Not to mention, bringing in a marketing department of graphic designers, social media managers, SEO and digital marketers, among other marketing specialists can drain financial resources quickly. 

As a result, these companies must justify the cost of losing time in order to formulate a marketing strategy that will best meet their objectives. 

When you outsource your CMO, you pay for marketing talent on an affordable basis. You do not need to read through piles of resumes, search online for job candidates, or conduct several rounds of interviews. Businesses can save up to 40-65% by hiring an agency instead of hiring an in-house executive. 

The interview process is generally shorter, and the work generally begins before the ink has dried on the contract.

2. It’s a holistic approach to your company’s marketing strategy

An in-house CMO is responsible for a wide range of duties, from content design to email campaigns to implementation of marketing strategy. As a result, they often never have the time to focus wholly on the thing they were hired to manage: the marketing!  

You will also likely have to spend a good deal on such things as an email marketing platform, content management system, or design software, some of which can cost a lot of money for your company.

You can depend on an outsourced CMO to have deep cross-channel knowledge with a network of marketing experts. They will make sure that your company can connect with consumers, all with their own resources and tools (which cost you nothing). They also tend to have their own experts for copywriting, SEO, design, social media, advertising, and other marketing areas.

Bottomline: they can ensure that your brand’s digital marketing strategy is clear, timely, and effective and help your company become successful.

3. It helps you focus on other aspects of your company

Training an in-house CMO and marketing team can be downright time-consuming. After all, many marketing executives have excellent skills and extensive knowledge, but they do not understand your company thoroughly enough to truly “get” its needs. As a result, they may go beyond the scope of your ideal marketing strategy and objectives and end up taking much more time to settle on a strategy that’s actually viable. This can lead to conflict within your company.

Using an outsourced CMO can lead to results at your level and pace. Agencies usually have the experience to work with any company, big or small, at any stage of growth. They hit the ground running with immediate results and use their tried and true strategies to transform your company’s brand. 

After all, they want to prove they can do the job well. They are eager to take your company and brand to the next level–and beyond.

Best of all, when you hire an agency to act as an outsourced CMO, you can spend your time on things that matter more to you and your company– whether that is closing sales, meeting with clients, or just creating a more inviting workplace for your employees.

Outsourcing your CMO gives you endless marketing expertise for one fixed price. Working with an agency gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, a team of passionate marketing experts, and an array of digital marketing tools at a fraction of the cost.

Let Us Get You Where You Want (and Deserve ) to Be

When you work with The MBC Group to refine your marketing strategy, you get to work with our entire team in place of one marketing executive! When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are making a great investment. 

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