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UI/UX Developers, Digital Marketing Managers, Website Developers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, SEO Specialists, Social Media Managers, SEM Specialists, Content Writers, and Targeting Specialists at flat fee pricing.

About MBC Group

Our motto to work is simple: “Have Fun. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Laugh. Have more fun.”

How it Works

Choose Your Plan

Pick a plan that best fits how many projects you want to tackle. Each plan includes access to a dedicated  Virtual Marketing Team so your projects get the right level of attention. We make it easy so you don’t have to worry about hiring the wrong team member on your project. We make sure your dedicated Virtual Team is the right fit. 

Submit Your Requests

Login into your dedicated client portal to submit which projects you want to work on. Our marketing teams can handle all of your project needs at your pace: We’re more than equipped to handle content writing, SEO specialization, graphic design, social media management, website conversion, and much more. 

See How We Make It Happen!

When you work with a campaign manager and any of our marketing team members, you can be sure you’re dealing with highly knowledgeable experts who can determine your biggest marketing challenges and present individualized solutions that ensure success. We can meet deadlines of your choosing and you never have to waste time with hiring and onboarding. 

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a few concepts we've brought to life


We design, build, develop, activate, code and then some to bring to life your concepts. We work many brands to bring to love many concepts: from digital marketing to creative, we can bring any concept to life.

Unlimited Digital Marketing and Creative Projects.

When we say that our services are unlimited, we mean it. Our marketing experts can fulfill any volume of work requested. We work with businesses small and large, handling any marketing projects imaginable with the utmost professionalism.

You own the work

Once you receive the work you request, it’s yours. You’re free to do with it whatever you’d like. Post the content wherever you want, however you want.

A Campaign Manager will be available to help outline your projects.

If you don’t know where to begin, or you have the start of an idea but you’re not sure what direction to take, your Campaign Manager is there to help.
Campaign Managers can help you outline your projects in as much detail as you desire, providing helpful advice and useful information along the way.


We require absolutely no long-term agreements. You can upgrade, downgrade, or pause service whenever you’d like, and unlike many other marketing companies, we don’t require any fees in order to make changes.

No Hiring Headaches, EVER.

Spare yourself the hassle of having to hire a team of in-house marketing professionals. When you choose to work with us, you’re putting your trust in a team that’s already highly knowledgeable about all things marketing. That means no hiring, no onboarding, and no training needed whatsoever.



All-in-One Access Virtual Digital Marketing & Creative Team

UI/UX Developers

Marketing Executives

Website Developers

Graphic Designers

SEO Specialists

Social Media Managers

SEM Specialists

Content Writers

The Problems We Fix and Solve


We understand the need companies have for fast, high-quality, reliable digital marketing services, and we have worked hard to ensure that we fit the bill.


top of being well-rounded marketing experts, our solution saves growing companies time and money.


Instead of sifting through resumes, sitting through hours of interviews, and hiring marketing employees with sparse backgrounds, you can skip through all of it and work with us.


Cut through the entire hiring process and let us get to work right away.


On top of knowing that you’re hiring true professionals, you can also save significantly on your budget.


Instead of paying an employee a full-time wage to complete subpar work, you can request high-quality content at an affordable price and lightning-fast turnaround time.

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